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During my graduate degree, I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant for an Introductory Biology class at OSU. I teach students the basics of Biology and science, such as basic instruments (microscope, pipettes, thermocycler, etc) and the Scientific Method (questions, hypothesis, predictions, etc). I am constantly thinking about my teaching phylosophy and didactics. I believe this is working, as students usually express gratitude and enjoynment in my classes.

It helped me understand bio better
This course gave me opportunities to feel comfortable in a biology lab setting
This course positively supported my learning by giving me the opportunity to learn laboratory skills.
I really enjoyed this lab and was supported in my learning.
The instructor and assistants were very helpful if I didn’t understand somthing
Giovanni did amazing and really helped me understand the course content. He was really patient and helped me get through the course when unexpected circumstances occurred.
It was east to follow along and easy to get help if I needed help understanding something.
Gio made me feel welcome and overall excited to learn the material
Gave helpful answers to questions that furthered my understanding.
Everything was well thought out and organized.
The lab portion allowed me to understand deeper in the material we learned in lectures.
The instructor was very helpful in explaining, directing, and teaching us concepts clearly and easily.
Very good lab course that had great scheduling and assignments that made me feel like I was learning crucial information. Activities were amazing, I couldn’t believe that we were able to work with great technology so easily. Instructor contributed a lot to the course, gave insightful comments that helped me better understand the requirements for the course and how to achieve them.
Giovanni and the TA’s are very good at supporting and educating us
TAs help to solve problems
Created a welcoming environment for lab.
He was very welcoming and nice
Explained everything very well and gave clear instructions
I really enjoyed how he broke everything down in order to better understand
The teacher shows his patient to teach material again for me due to sometimes I did’t get the concept.
the class was low source of stress for me and most things were very clear on what was expected of me which helped me manage my time properly
Giovanni was always super helpful, very understanding too.

Giovanni A. Crestani
Giovanni A. Crestani