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My PhD research focuses on understanding evolutionary patterns using Drosophila melanogaster as a role organism. I work with a study system that was created in the 80s, composed of a set of populations that are on a selection treatment for postponed reproduction - we only allow old flies to reproduce. That generates some interesting phenotypes, such as flies with more than double the regular lifespan. Right now, I am looking at the genomics of that adaptation. Hopefully, in understanding the evolutionary dynamics that happened in this system, we can understand a bit more about some fundamental mechanisms of evolution, such as its reproducibility, reversibility, and parallelity.

Previous research>

Previous research #

iPSC Pipeline>

iPSC Pipeline #

seurat reference map on La Manno et al. (2016) data

As an undergrad researcher at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, I participated in several projects and playing different roles, from the bioinformatician to the data collector. My most successful project was the development of a bioinformatics workflow to analyise single-cell iPSC RNA-Seq data using a selection of tools to generate different reports. That workflow uses Snakemake and runs on a Docker image. This project was critical for my understanding of both tools.


Dichotomous Key App>

Dichotomous Key App #

I also developed a HTML/Javascript app to navigate dichotomous keys digitally. Both undergraduate and graduate students use it in systematics classes. That project improved my undertanding of coding to the next level.


Giovanni A. Crestani
Giovanni A. Crestani